Sid to a huge and amazing village

ID: 21726

This is a really great seed for a survival game. At the very beginning, you appear near a village in which there are a lot of houses, including two forges, which have chests.

There is a lot of food in the village, literally it is all filled with nurseries with goodies. In just 3-5 minutes, you can pick up about 50 carrots and 30 potatoes. This is already enough to live a lot of time in survival mode.

In one of the forge’s chests, you will find three emeralds.

There are two exits to the mines under the village, be careful, zombies come out from there even during the day.

In every village with a village, be sure to first go to the forge, because often lava burns everything around. Have time to put it out before the whole village burns down.

It is not necessary to download the seed, you just need to enter it in the Generation Key field in the Minecraft game!

Good luck with this side: 1388582293