All Minecraft PE players love unusual seeds, recently a lot of them have appeared, but this one is definitely worthy of your attention. Its peculiarity is that the fortress is located right below the village. Have you ever seen something like this?

Treasure village and fortress mcpe 1

If you thought that on this the seed lost the opportunity to surprise you with something else, then catch an even rarer (for Minecraft PE) neighborhood – a deserted temple is located in the village itself.

Treasure village and fortress mcpe 2

Oh, we forgot to tell you about how to get to the fortress. You need to go down under the village, find a well there and start excavations right next to it. Believe me, the reward will not be long in coming.

Treasure village and fortress mcpe 3

Well, this was one of the most unusual MCPE seeds we’ve come across. If you also manage to find something unusual – do not hesitate to share your find in the comments!

Sid: owxapple

Sid: owxapple