ClemKoGa’s Freddy JR Map

ID: 22088

ClemKoGa’s Freddy JR is a map for Minecraft for Android that expands the boundaries of regular maps from the “Freddy’s 5 Nights” series. Now the location for the game is not limited to only one pizzeria, but is also supplemented with a number of new locations. For example, the player will be able to explore secret basements, doll rooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, guest rooms and other interiors, where very scary things will happen. The player’s task is to survive for 5 nights.

Game rules:
1. Do not use cheats and auxiliary mods.
2. Play in the “Survival” mode.
3. Explore as many rooms as possible.

What to do?
1. The first night for the player is introductory, you can find the initial weapon and use it for further battles.
2. The next 4 nights the boss “Animatronic” and his henchmen will appear. They will try to track down the player and then eliminate them. Try to make as little noise as possible.


1. Pizzeria