ID: 20657

Hello this is my second world and it is a skyblock, a skyblock made by me is not a downloaded world or a world made through a tutorial.

The skyblock has islands in each of the cardinal points although 1 not seen, To get to this island you have to move forward with the shift and put slabs as you go, you will get closer to the island and you will be able to see it.

In one of the islands there is a challenge in which you have to go through different phases with monsters to reach the great reward.

Challenges that can (if they don’t no want not to) meet:

-Make a house

-Go to all the islands

-Trade with the villager / villagers

-Complete the monster island challenge

-make a stone generator

-plant trees

-make a great world with trees, houses, corrals with animals, etc.

-Invite your friend / s and do all the challenges

-Make a mobs trap

That’s all for today thanks for downloading the map, I hope you enjoy it don’t forget to tell me if you want me to make more maps and if you let me put new enemy mods to fight I will put them.


Skyblock (with shaders):


1. My-skyblock