ID: 20652

This is a map on which you have to get to other islands and claim the loots inside the chests in order to win! There are exactly 5 islands, the main island on where you would spawn, an island full of skeletons and strays, an island full of zombies and husks, a much harder island full of pillagers, vindicators and evokers, and the hardest island with 3 spawners full of zoglins.

You need to get to the other islands, defeat the mobs and claim your prize from the chest. If you’ve done all of those and don’t know what to do, you can expand the spawn and build some stuff that you want, and if you don’t have blocks you can use the lava bucket and the ice block at the spawn to get infinite cobblestone. This really isn’t that good of a world because this is my first map that I built by myself, but I tried my best I hope you enjoy!


1. Skyblock