SkyLayer Survival [TBE] Original Hardcore

ID: 262

SkyLayer Survival have a very long evolution before coming to what are we having today! The main challenge is to reach the y4 as fast as you can without died! Race with your friend!

The original challenge which make this map come pretty popular I think it’s because of (credit to) MCPEDL who edit my description

    At first I was think only about to live on the top and gain resource and try to reach the ground as the same time. But MCPEDL change a bit by adding +Race with your friend… and kaboom! Popular with no idea how, cause in that time the map I talked about was about 1 year old.

    I have a tons of fun watching youtuber fail into my trap or read people feedback it’s fun so I make the second and third tower… SkyLayer Survival 2 which still fun… I don’t care that people hate me out cause I give them friends in the night time  and also some give for the greedy people. If you have not try the first and second hardcore yet try it out… so I can have a big laugh!

    If you are a fans, I do say goodbye to this series this is the last one I’m going to make. The [TBE] is come from “The Best Edition” which mean mix of the best moment of all the time. Thanks you for every love and feedback I do have fun a lot for doing this series there are three more which is the older than the hardcore, it got all delete with my old page call “Shahalan” even me I don’t even have the spare version of those… first one lost… second one is the Ozone version which is a trees layers lost… and the third one which name as SkyLayer Survival Normal… and I found somebody still kept this in the “Addon” app you guy can try it out cause I don’t have the original file anymore…


1. SkyLayer-Suv