Squid Game Map in Minecraft, this map is based on the series on Netflix called “Squid Game”, me and my friends created this map for you to be able to get the squid game experience in Minecraft, it only contain the Red Light – Green Light game for now due to bedrock edition limitations

In this map, you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode or in solo mode, it’s up to you, but i recommend playing it in Multiplayer mode for the best experience 


•Play in third person mode for the best experience 

•The map is in adventure mode by default

•Don’t cheat / go to creative mode 

Here are some map images

How to play?
You need to stop moving when – The doll stops talking, or else you will die

You can start moving when – The doll starts talking

Your goal is to reach the finish line alive

The map supports Multiplayer Mode, and you can restart the game and play again anytime you want 


1. Squidgame