Squid Game (Red Light, Green Light) (Map)

ID: 22688

This map is a recreation of one of the games from the popular Squid Game series. I have added several add-ons, music and animations to make it more realistic. Now you can play in Minecraft Red Light, Green Light.

How to play?
Players can advance as long as the dummy talks. If the dummy detects moves later, they will be eliminated.

Reach the goal without being detected by the dummy and win the game.

Important! The doll can detect when you:
– Move forward
– Jump
– Move your head
– When you change your state from crouching to standing or vice versa.


– Play alone or with friends
– Self-repairing map
– Includes music
– You can choose the length of the game
– 2 game modes
– Voice language: Original and Spanish.
– Spectator mode



1. Squid-game-red-light-green-light