If you’ve played Minecraft survival then you know of the annoying and scary mob the zombie. Now, now they’re not that bad. Ok, I have to admit they are annoying. So time for you to get annoyed. Zombie Escape is where you will have to escape from a house filled with zombies. You might be thinking “Oh that’s easy!” It’s not. It’s a maze with puzzles, and Zombies running around. So I dare you to come to Zombie escape.

Zombie Escape is an all-new map that will annoy you because there’s zombies. But don’t worry. It’s still a challenge. This Map Includes:

  • A Hard Maze
  • A reset button to play many times.
  • Lots of Command Blocks.
  • And Zombies

To start the game press the reset button then press the start button, there your adventure will begin. Note: If you play it more then once then click the reset button before starting again.

Now are you up for a challenge? If you are then I dare you to go check out this map. You will not regret this decision.


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