Cuter Vanilla Animals Resource Pack

ID: 256

You will still be able to lead, milk, breed, and hunt the animals as normal with this resource pack! This resource pack will not disable xbox achievements. If you decide that you dislike my version of these animals, that’s ok you can just remove the resource pack from your world and everything should be fine. I will update the pack with more creatures in the future. If there is a model you don’t like, you can download them individually by searching or clicking on my name here.  I hope you enjoy this pack!

For the Chicken:

-Completely remodeled the chicken

-Gave the chicken a more realistic beak, comb, and wings

-Added a tail

For the Cow:

– Added a nose, ears, and tail to the cow. 

– Changed the horns an udder to be more aesthetically pleasing. 

– Created a new texture based on a real life breed of cattle called an Ayrshire.

For the Sheep:

-Created a new model and texture for the sheared sheep

-Modified the existing texture for Unsheared sheep

-Added ears, a nose, and a tail only visible when the sheep is sheared!

For the pigs:

-Completely remodeled the pig adding a nose, ears, and tail

-Created a new texture

-Slightly resized

For the cats:

-Added ears, and tiny little kitty paws!

-Changed the color of the two yellow-eyed cat’s pupils so they look more natural

-Color corrected the two black cats (All Black & Tuxedo) so they were actual black and not a shade of dark purple.


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