Mod: Furniture and decor

ID: 23041

The FurniDeco mod adds over 25 new furniture to Minecraft . The peculiarity of the scenery is that they are made in the style of a blocky world. Their textures and models are perfect for any interior that you have already created in the game. Just add new elements to make the design even better. A wide variety will allow you to choose what fits the chosen style.


  • 25 types of furniture
  • Various shades
  • Can interact with elements
  • Block world style
  • Available in survival mode
  • Blocks are applied, not entities
Beautiful furniture with blocky style
Balcony decoration with furniture
All kinds of furniture additions


Interaction with each piece of furniture

color overlay

Applying color to furniture


Craft furniture in a workbench

Mod: Furniture from Ikea

ID: 23037

Simple, beautiful and elegant are adjectives that are always applied to IKEA furniture. The scenery from this store is so popular that the author of the Hyva Furniture mod decided to create an add-on based on them. Now you can decorate your houses, rooms and other structures with new types of furniture in Minecraft . The assembly contains more than 100 types of furniture, including:

  • Air conditioner
  • Coffee table
  • Table lamp
  • Lamp
  • Gaming PC
  • IKEA tables
  • 7 color options for sofas
  • Office chair
  • Cupboard
  • TV with different channels
  • Books, globe, trophies and other little things
  • Bushes in pots

office chairs

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Seven types of office chairs
Types of chairs
Chair options in the game

Flowers in pots

Six types of flowers in pots


Six types of chairs


Sofas in various colors
Types of sofas

Gaming computers

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gaming computer
Gaming computers
4 types of computers


Types of curtains

Family dinner table

Family dinner table

Different types of beds

Different types of beds
Player on the bed

Screenshots of using furniture

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Living room example
Living room with kitchen
White, upgraded bathroom
Dark blue player room style
TV with speakers in the living room
Dining room with large table
Turning lights on and off
Opening and closing the refrigerator
Change column color
Opening and closing cans
Opening and closing shelves
Use of furniture inventory
Opening a faucet
Lamp off
Use of the microwave
food on the stove
Trash in the game
Changing channels on the TV
Adding cutlery to the table
Changing block colors
Interaction with curtains
Chair color change
Changing the color of the bed

Retrieving items
To take furniture, you need to write the /give command, for example, /give @s hf:ikeatable . Also, things can be obtained in a stone cutter, but for this you will have to spend a whole gold ingot.

Stonecutter additions
Obtaining furniture in a stone cutter

Custom blocks in creative inventory

Custom blocks in creative inventory
Various blocks in the creative inventory

magic pen

Craft magic pen

Mod: Modern Furniture for Survival Mode

ID: 23029

Everything related to furniture is very popular among Minecraft users . Therefore, we offer you another option for fashion with furniture – Modern Furniture | survival . Here are more than 40 types of decorations that you can use to decorate your own homes . The main feature of the assembly was the ability to obtain items even in survival mode. To do this, it is enough to use a stone cutter and clay.

New blocks

New add-on blocks
All types of furniture

To get furniture, you can write the command /give @pf: or put clay in a stone cutter.

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Changing the types of furniture
Getting furniture types
Use of furniture in the game
Furnishing the room
Furniture in the game
Various types of furniture in the game
Home interior
Furnished room
Beautiful house
The interior of the house
home improvement

Mod: Furniture by Vatonage

ID: 23023

Furniture mod offers more than 210 types of furniture for Minecraft. There will be more than 40 unique models. Each of them can be painted in different shades to get more variety. At the same time, the uniqueness of the add-on lies in the fact that all elements will be blocks, not entities.


  • Tables (11 types, connect with each other)
  • Chairs (11 types)
  • Sofas (11 types and 16 colors)
  • Clock (16 colors)
  • Trash can (16 colors)
  • Toaster (16 colors)
  • Trampoline (16 colors)
  • Lamp (16 colors)
  • Cup
Furniture in the snow

The author tried to keep the classic vanilla design.

Furniture in the Nether

Map: Scale skyblock

ID: 23017

The most classic, but the most interesting skyblock for Minecraft users. The Skyblock 1.18 map includes a lot of interesting things: a variety of biomes, structures and much more . You can live an absolutely normal life on the floating islands and visit almost all known locations in the blocky world.

Naturally, the ultimate goal will be to kill the dragon after researching all possible things.


Island-shaped plains

flower forest

Flower forest in the form of an island


Desert in the form of an island

snowy taiga

Snowy taiga in the form of an island


Jungle Island


Swamps in the form of an island

Dark forest

Dark forest in the void


Savannah in the void

mushroom island

Mushroom island in the void

lower world

Underworld in the void

Basalt deltas

Basalt deltas in the void

Soul Sand Valley

Valley of the sand of souls in the void

warped forest

Distorted forest in the sky

crimson forest

Crimson forest in the sky


Edge in the sky


Mesa in the sky

ice plains

Ice flats in the sky

bamboo jungle

Bamboo jungle in the sky

stone formation

Stone formation in skyblock

karst cave

Karst cave in skyblock

lush cave

Lush cave in skyblock

Preview mansion

  • Coordinates: 304; -62
forest mansion

underwater monument

  • Coordinates: -408; 420
underwater monument

underwater ruins

  • Coordinates: -291; 114
underwater ruins


  • Coordinates: -1; 285

Rogue Outpost

  • Coordinates: 196; 183
Rogue Outpost


  • Coordinates: -300; -448
Hut in the swamp

desert temple

  • Coordinates: -292; 0
desert temple

jungle temple

  • Coordinates: 300; -7
jungle temple


  • Coordinates: -1; -297

Amethyst Geodes

  • Coordinates: -205; 134
Amethyst Geodes


  • Coordinates: 257; 392

Nether Fortress

  • Coordinates: -129; 304
Nether Fortress

Remains of the bastion

  • Coordinates: -134; -398
Remains of the bastion

End City

  • Coordinates: -112; -110
End City

End ship

  • Coordinates: -126; 29
End ship

Map mod

  • Zombies drop gravel
  • Husks drop sand
  • Drowned drop clay
  • You can buy new things from piglins
Three types of zombies

Map: Sky Factory

ID: 23011

Skyfactory map is a skyblock build that was previously developed exclusively for the Java version of the game, and is now available to all users of the pocket version of the game . The add-on includes several mods. The start of survival takes place on a floating island , in which there is absolutely nothing but a single tree. Ultimately, your goal is to survive by getting to the dragon and killing it.

Also, the add-on contains a book of quests that you must complete. Read the book to get started, but note that everything will be in English. Call your friends – the add-on is designed for multiplayer mode.

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Lonely tree in the sky

Tasks in the book
Craft an unusual table in the new version

  • Updated all addons
  • Added new addons

Map: Mr. Green’s Skyblock

ID: 23004

The universal version of the floating islands mode – map Mr. Green’s Skyblock . The author assures that the assembly is suitable for any type of user: both beginners and professionals. The add -on contains 64 custom achievements, 12 islands, a custom drop from mobs, a store with many goods and a bunch of secrets that the player will have to find on their own in Minecraft.

The main part of the map
Here are all the settings, as well as the passage to a large store and a treasure room. Once you have everything installed, you need to press the button on the wall that says Main Island.

Main part of the map

Trading in the Mini Market
The mini market in this mode is a villager who sells more than 25 types of goods to players. If you choose the main store, the mini market will disappear.

Trade in a mini-market
Amethyst Geodes

The main island
The author did not like the tiny islands that are used in most skyblock modes. Therefore, I added a large main island where the user spawns. Here is a button to move back to the lobby.

main island

All types of add-on islands

All types of add-on islands

ice island

ice island

village island

village island

sea ​​island

sea ​​island

swamp island

swamp island

mushroom island

mushroom island

jungle island

jungle island

mesa island

mesa island

deserted island

deserted island

geode island

geode island

Downworld Island

Downworld Island

End Island

End Island

The main island of the Lower World
In the hellish dimension, there are also many islands around one large one. The author allocated a zone of 500 by 500 blocks for this mode – the rest of the walls are simply insurmountable in survival mode. The lava in the screenshots is green due to activated textures.

Main island of the Nether

Island with a bastion

Island with a bastion

Nether Fortress Island

Nether Fortress Island

Treasure Room
A special area that can only be accessed by completing all 64 achievements. To track them, you need to go to the wall of achievements. We hope you can open the secret area.

treasure room
Frames with objects

Room for trading with villagers
If you choose a large store along with a mini-market, you can get into this zone. Here are the villagers who sell more than 50 types of goods. Here you can find almost everything that is useful for survival.

Trading room with villagers
Buying things
Trade with mobs

The structure of the skyblock mode
To create such a large-scale creation, more than 800 command blocks had to be installed. The development took dozens of hours, so rate the add-on properly.

The structure of the skyblock mode

Changes in the new version

  • Slight changes
  • Added geodes
  • Improved rooms

Mega Skyblock [Survival]

ID: 22999

The player starts on a skyblock island which includes only the most basic resources you’ll need to survive. Open the chest to find some items.

Use your basic survival skills to survive! Build your generator, craft your weapons, fight, build a place to stay, and eat some cake.

Goodluck adventurers!

Time to take an ongoing journey! With over 41 islands filled with loot, creatures, and surprises. What else do you need??

This new section (The Development) will be used more for explaining the process and thoughts behind major updates! It’s basically a huge summarized devlog. For this quick update to the webpage, I wanted to refine it. I decided to make 3D animated titles to help guide the viewer throughout the webpage and help each section pop-out more. I wanted to originally release this alongside v6.5 but I decided to release it now to help refine its new style with viewer feedback before v6.5 gets released. Not all of the assets for the titles are on this page because they relate to v6.5’s features, so, if the webpage feels a bit empty it will be improved on with v6.5’s release. This update to the page is also a bit of a gift because Mega Skyblock turned 3 years old on March 31st!

Happy Bday Mega Skyblock!


current version 6.4

This is Mega Skyblock’s biggest and most ambitious update yet. New custom block and item types, reinforced tools, more islands, night islands, completely overhauled market system, fast travel system, villager camps, and towns, new spawn, new reworked storyline, Quests and much much more. Each new feature is completely planned and now is in the development process.

If you want to stay updated with Mega Skyblock’s development and other map projects then go to my Twitter or YouTube.

Terms of Use

Don’t post this on any other Websites/sources.

Don’t use the map to build on to or claim.

If you’re found not using these terms, it could result in some action being taken.

Thank You (to the fans)

This project is 3 years old now and honestly, it has been a journey. This will not be the last update, yes, we will be doing more with this map! The most important thing I’ve learned over the 3 years is, never to be afraid to commit to your desires. I’m so glad to have a fan base, so thank you all! From me and Better United, You made our dream even more Mega. We will be back with more updates soon. 🙂

Skyblock: Creativity Edition

ID: 22994

Skyblock is a fun game that went popular on servers, making their way to make skyblock better.

In skyblock, you will be in a island with a tree and a chest, and you will need to make a bridge to connect to other islands and obtain loot, and create your dream island!

But in Skyblock: Creativity Edition, You have to defeat the ender dragon! There is also a shop system aswell!


At first, open the chest that has books inside. Take the guide, read and follow the steps.


Then, chop wood, make a bridge to island 2, and then make a cobblestone generator than deal with the skeleton. Find the 2 obsidians and repair the portal. Head to nether, then obtain the ender eye.


After getting the ender eye, use it to unlock location 2, then head to the shop and deal with spiders. Use strings, what spiders drop, to buy Coal & Coal Generator. Use coal to buy iron, and buy iron generator. During the progress, you can build a dream, flat island and plant more saplings.


Before, ender eyes to lit the ender portal, buy lapis generator, and then use bookshelves to upgrade the enchantment table. Soon, enchant youre items and prepare for the ender dragon.


You have to buy ender eyes to lit the ender portal. Lastly, Fight the ender dragon with the diamond gear & diamond sword box in the end.


After buying diamond generator, buy debris and gold to get netherite, then craft netherite armor and tools! After doing all these stuff, congrats, you beat skyblock: creativity edition. You can do your own stuff now! You can also tweet us a selfie of playing skyblock, @JeraldHuang

Vintage Mansion & Village

ID: 22989

You can use this map as an idea for a look for a server & have fun with your friends. You can copy everything as long as you give me some of the credits for my creation.

The map was created in Minecraft PE, it is not created in java.

Vintage Mansion:

External Looks

This is the outside look of the Mansion.

It has a pond with some suprise builds in it.

Internal Looks


A brewery for the ones who likes brewing.

Enchantment Room

A place where you can enchant your gear to make it more powerful.


Grab a snack to fill your stomach & to suffice the hunger of the player.

Secret Lever

A little bit of redstone to unravel a hidden room.

Nether Room

A place where everything is Nether themed.

 A bloodish red color for the extra fierceness.

Vintage Village:


A home for the animals you caught.

Butcher (Villager)

A themed house for a butcher villager. It has it’s own butchering place.

Farmer (Villager)

A themed house for a farmer villager. A farm is built within a close proximity of the house.

Fisherman (Villager)

A themed house for a fisherman villager. A pond and a semi bridge is in front to give the feeling of breeding area for fishes.

Librarian (Villager)

A themed house for a librarian villager. It has a library like look on the side for the complete feeling of a book lover villager.

Cartographer (Villager)

A themed house for a cartographer villager. A little map is on the side. the librarian’s house and cartographer’s house are connected with a wirelike fence with lanterns below it.

Fletcher (Villager)

A themed house for a fletcher villager. Enhance your bow skills with the help of the fletcher villager and his challenge.

Shepherd (Villager)

A themed house for a shepherd villager. Some animals are placed in the fence beside the villager’s house.

Leather Worker (Villager)

A themed house for a leather worker villager. A staircase going up to it’s house to give the aesthetically feel.

Cleric (Villager)

A themed house for a cleric villager. A netherwart farm to emit a witchlike feeling.

Stone Mason (Villager)

A themed house for a stone mason villager. The stones beside the house gives off the vibe of a stone designer.

3 Blacksmith (Villager)

A themed house for armorer, toolsmith & weaponsmith villager. It has its own armory, tools & weapon making items inside the house to have a tinkerer’s feel to it. It also have a redstone door that shuts off when it’s night time.

Bird’s Eye View

An overall view of the village from above.