5DragonsChallenge (Minigame Challenge)

ID: 38

In this epic map you will be challenged to kill a total of 5 fierce Ender Dragons and you have just one life. So please, try not to die! Will you be able to complete this mad challenge?

In this map you will have to kill 5 dragons alone or with friend, you can respawn but I recommend you to try to do it with only one try

Be careful with them the won’t have piety.

Are you still thinking that it’s easy?

Just try to not die!!!

Escape The Zombs

ID: 33

In this zombie game, you will have to escape a mansion which is full of zombies. You only have one stone sword to fight the zombies.

This game is suitable for both multiplayer and singleplayer. (multiplayer is recommended cuz it’s so dam hard)