Instant Houses Function Pack

ID: 20064

This is a feature addon that adds three houses and a large mansion. The houses will be generated by commands. All the houses are decorated indoors. This addon was created only by me.

This addon is a function pack that generate houses with commands. This addon adds 3 different houses with their decorations. The commands list is the next:

/function Help: Thiscommand will give you the list of the houses and the location where they will be generated.

/function House: This command generates a fully decorated medium-sized house indoors.

/functoon House1 : This command generates a small modern house with a pool and is decorated inside.

/function House2: This command generates a large modern house that is decorated inside.

/function Mansion: This command generates a large mansion. The entire mansion is decorated inside, it also has a large garden. (It is recommended to use this command in flat areas).

/function Allbuilds: This command executes all the functions of this addon and generates it as if it were a city. (It is recommended to use this command in flat areas).

If you do a review of this addon please leave the link of this page.

Be sure to create a backup of your world before using this addon because the structure may not be generated as you wanted.

The images of the houses are as follows:

/function House

/function House1

/function House2

/function Mansion 

/function Allbuilds


1. Instant-houses-by-endxenoc