This addon adds 3 lucky blocks and, unlike the others, it adds more than just the lucky blocks. This adds, apart from the lucky blocks, a totally new armor, 3 new swords, an axe, a pickaxe, 2 new foods, a potion, a new item and a new decoration block.

This addon is different from the others as it adds more things besides the lucky blocks.

In the image we can see everything that the addon adds

We start with the new weapons / tools that this addon adds, I will show the crafting of each thing and its specifications.

All tools and armor can

be enchanted.

Astral Sword

Damage: 22

Durability: 1200

Astral axe

This ax can chop anything an ax chops with a higher speed.

Damage: 20

Durability: 1000

Cristal sword

Damage: 18

Durability: 1200

Cristal pickaxe

This can sting what a diamond pick stings (there are some things that do not sting for some errors, I will try to fix that) with a higher speed.

Damage: 18

Durability: 1200

Rainbow sword

The “rainbow diamond” can only be obtained
breaking lucky blocks.

Damage: 15

Durability: 1200

Now we go with the armor.

Lucky helmet

Lucky chestplate

Lucky leggings

Lucky boots

Each part of the armor gives you a different amount of protection, here below I will leave you the necessary information.

                            Durability            Protection

helmet                   500                        4.5

chestplate             320                         2

leggings                450                         4

boots                     400                         2

Now we are going to give the information for each meal.

Lucky apple

Nutrition: 4

Effects: – Fire resistance 30s

             – Speed 30s

             – Life booster 30s

             – Instant Life 30s

             – Jump Boost 30s

             – Night vision 30s 

             – Regeneration 30s

             – Speed ​​30s

             – Strenght 30s


Nutrition: 4

Effects: – Night vision 30s

             – Regeneration 30s

             – Speed ​​30s

             – Strenght 30s

Very Lucky Potion

Effects: – Absorption 2 180s

             – Fire resistance 2 180s

             – Haste 2 180s

             – Life booster 2 180s

             – Instant Life 2 180s

             – Jump boost 2 180s

             – Night vision 30s 

             – Speed ​​30s

             – Strenght 30s

             – Village Hero 2 120s

             – Resistance 30s

             – Saturation 30s

Now we go with the lucky blocks.

Lucky Block

Lucky Diamond

Astral Lucky Block

Each lucky block can drop almost any item and/or block that is in mincraft, including everything that is added in this addon, the normal lucky block cannot drop the astral lucky block.


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