Remember those times when each of us, playing alone, or together with friends thought: “It would be cool if machines are added to MCPE …”

And well, this time has come.
Mod for real cars in MCPE!


The idea of this mod was from the very appearance of Minecraft, because it always seemed to everyone that cars were exactly the thing that was missing.

There were a lot of different attempts, but all of them were not so successful and worked out.


And so, this mod adds two new types of cars to the game


Old fashioned

Machine specifications

Each of them has its own voice acting, animations and variations in sixteen colors


Two seats
Five inventory slots

Old fashioned

  • One seat

Another feature of this mod is that it is translated into 29 languages, so that everyone can enjoy what we have all been waiting for!

Mod installation

Download the mod itself
Open the folder with the downloaded file
Click on the mod file. Soon, installation will begin in the game itself
Everything, it is installed. Enjoy the game 😉

You can download the mod for real machines for Minecraft PE from the button below 🙂


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