This is a map where you will find 104 particles available for minecraft 1.13.official onwards.

 What are they?

 Particles are a graphic effect of Minecraft. These effects are seen by the player and disappear in a short period of time.

 Recommended for effects or decoration of maps.

 All the particles available on the map will each have their respective names. So you can know the name and use it in tusapas. Remember that to use the particles in your worlds you will have to have the tricks activated, obviously be creative and get the command block.

 To get the command block enter this command in the game chat:

 / give @p commandblock

 To execute a particle you will have to enter the following command in the command block:

 / particle minecraft: (Particle name) ~ ~ 1 ~

 Remember that there are particles that can only be seen if they run in the water!



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