Since there haven’t been many Sonic games, or many games featuring popular video game characters at all on this website, I’ve decided to make my own: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Chaos Quest, a 22-level 2.5D platforming game which sports its own resource pack, an animated title screen (where Sonic wags his finger, like most Sonic titles), functional rings and monitors (with ring, extra life, and Robotnik varieties), lives (which are lost when falling into pits, the only obstacle in the game), an introduction, two endings (both good and bad), and three playable characters: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles! Sonic is the fastest, Tails jumps highest, and Knuckles is the strongest!

Please note that pictures shown lack the resource pack, since I was unable to make it work.

To start the game (and progress), choose one of the three characters. You’ll be taken to a room with a button. Press it, and you’ll be taken to the first level. The picture shown above is of the room with the button. To select a character, press one of the three buttons at the title screen. To play the game, simply run and jump over obstacles such as walls and pits.

Palmtree Panic Zone Act 1. This game is filled with lots of features: a gallery (containing displays of characters and objects), a level select, and two hidden levels (those being the one-act stages Hidden Palace Zone and Ice Cap Zone). Make sure to conquer all seven (progressively difficult, and three-dimensional) special stages to get all seven Chaos Emeralds, so you get the good ending and turn into Super Sonic, and not get the bad ending. Each of the eight zones, except for two, have three acts, the name for levels. The Sky Base and The Doomsday Zones have only a single act. These zones include: Palmtree Panic, Marble Mineshaft, Bodacious Beehive, Mystic Cave, Volcanic Village, Sky Base, Mecha Green Hill, and The Doomsday. Don’t lose all your lives, or you’ll get a Game Over, and you will have to start over again.

Marble Mineshaft Zone Act 2.

Bodacious Beehive Zone Act 1.

Volcanic Village Zone Act 1. 

Sky Base Zone. To make Sonic: The Chaos Quest function, I utilized scoreboards (for ring and life values) and several command blocks (for teleportation, rings, monitors, and dialogue). It took a little over a month to build this game.


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