Are you a fan of SpongeBob Cartoons and a video game called Undertale ??, Now you can get the best, because, I have made SpongeSwap Sans, he is a character from AU named SpongeSwap with Sans character. Ok maybe I will make Spongetale Sans (Patrick) Also, just wait.

Maybe he’s not that scary, but he also has some strong power like sans. What are those? Come on.




1.Spatula(Besides Spongeswap sans bones also throws a spatula, even the spatula is stronger than ordinary sans bones, it can even cut enemies like SpongeBob who can cut Patties, Pickles, Lettuce, Cheese quickly)

2.Orange Bone(Effect Enemy Slowness)

3.Blue Bone(Control Enemy Gravitation)

4.Jellyfish Blaster(Shoots lasers like Gaster Blaster, but much more powerful)

So that was some SpongeSwap Sans Status, maybe you will see the real power

The God Of Doom Water Mode:

This is the power of God belonging to spongeswap sans. In this phase, he summoned several Gaster Blasters, Water Doom Lasers, Water Hole, etc.


1. Spongeswap-sans-addon