If you like MMORPG worlds – this card is right for you!

Map “World of Arcadia” – a huge world in your pocket!

Arcadia World – a map that allows you to feel the world of MMORPG anywhere: metro, street, lessons.

Here you can just walk and explore the world indefinitely, and go through the storyline of the map, which is VERY interesting!

The map was created specifically for travels from the Third Person, which aligns it with full-fledged MMORPG

The world is completely left to you. Explore … Travel … Win!


Download the map file
Open the folder with the map file
Click on it. After that, the installation of the card in the
game everything. Card installed! Enjoy 😉

Download the map for passing “Arcadia World” for Minecraft PE by the button below 🙂


1. World-of-arcadia-1