RHINOS! Addon!

ID: 242

Time to get out there! Time to find new mobs!! Time to tame those mobs and ride them and use them to CRUSH your enemies!!! In other words, it’s time for RHINOS.

Alrighty, so what are these big, bad grey beasts good for? Well, all sorts of things, let’s break it down:

  1. Hurting players, yes, when you find one of these beautiful, graceful, peaceful creatures they will try and murder you.
  2. Eating kelp blocks. I’m still not sure why, seemed like a good idea at the time..? This will tame them, eventually (but not babies).
  3. Sitting! Yep, they can sit that you wouldn’t believe. Super-sitters, these things. (This list is getting hard.)
  4. Roaming around savanna biomes. That’s where you’ll find ’em!
  5. Crushing hostile mobs. You bet they are! Hostile mobs, if you’re reading this, start running now!! You’ll be crushed. And I had no idea you could read.
  6. Healing. As long as you feed them plants, most plants anyway.
  7. Carrying players around. Put carpet on them!! Just like a llama. But useful!

Thanks to everyone that suggested Rhinos as our next addon (I’m looking at you dinoking!).


1. Rhino