Hello Mcpedl! Today I have something special. A skin pack release of my skins from 2015-September 2020 (I am a mcpe OG) This skin pack has one skin I have not made that is based off of the rest of the skins in the skin pack. A skin called “Sonic The Hedgehog” by an unknown person. I have the link to the skin here: The Skin. These aren’t all the skins as I have some are completely wiped, and some that haven’t been transferred to the device I’m using. But this should cover most of the skins.

Here are the skins included in the skin pack:

-8-bit Sonic

-Sonic in some unknown armor

-An Autumn themed Sonic

-Sonic in a full body cat suit

-Sonic with Cloud Goggles

-An evil Sonic in a orange/red suit

-Sonic as a ghost

-A Halloween Skin where Sonic is headless

-Sonic with the Kharaa infection ( a infection in Subnautica)

-A weird sonic skin in some sort of Lava creature costume (not sure why I made that a few years ago)

-Sonic as a ninja

-The Original Sonic skin that you can find with the link here: The skin, Again

-A Sonic skin that’s meant to be a “Pixel Gun 3D” themed skin (Why did I make this again? Also, I never played Pixel Gun 3D)

-Sonic, but Plastic (to fit with the Plastic Texture Pack)

-Sonic, who seems to be doing too much PvP

-A Robotic Sonic

-Sonic in Fallout Armor

-Version 1&2 of my first HD skin, which is based on the Original Sonic skin

-Sonic in the glide suit from the 1.9 Java map “Terra Swoop Force” by Noxcrew

-Sonic dressed like a Secret Government Agent

-Sonic mixed with a squid (Credit to IBallisticSquid for the squid part of the skin)

-A Summer themed Sonic skin wearing sunglasses

-A Winter themed Sonic skin, with a 2018 remastered version

-A Christmas themed Sonic skin

-A Sonic skin in a hoodie from the Enderman hoodie skin found with the link here: The Enderman Hoodie skin

-A different version of that Sonic skin in a hoodie, but with a face mask (Cause of the current pandemic)

I also have pictures of 6 skins from the skin pack

The Original Sonic skin from Minecraftskins.net

Sonic with cloud goggles

The Autumn Sonic skin

Version 2 of the Sonic HD skin

The Sonic skin in the creeper hoodie based from the skin found here: Ice Enderman

The Ninja Sonic skin.

This skin pack also has an unedited version with skins that didn’t make the cut, and skins that got changed in the skin pack’s development progress, and generally skins that don’t look good (I’m not very good at making great looking skins) However, there is no download for it. If you’d like to see or use some cut and generally bad looking skins. Let me know in the comments of the post.


1. The-popularsonic-skinpack-1