Parkour maps are fun to play but they take a long time to manually build, so i created one that builds itself! Whenever you successfully complete a jump this system will randomly generate a new one for you, This means you can spend as long as you want jumping from block to block,

How It Works

There is an invisible armor stand that detects when a player is on the block, This then triggers a series of randomizer circuits. This determines where the next block will be placed. The block is placed and then the armor stand is put on the new block. Then the previous block is destroyed.

In the future I will add more possible jumps to make it more exciting, e.g. Ladders and Power-up blocks. I would also like to add a system that pre-generates jumps so you don’t have to stop in between jumps. At it’s current state these are the following possible jumps:

Forward – 2, 3 or 5 Blocks

Left/Right – 1 or 3 Blocks

Up/Down – 1 Block

+ For Up and Down, There is a 50% chance for the block to be moved forward 1 block.

There is also a scoreboard to count your number of successful jumps, You can post your record in the comments, Mine is 57, I expect that it will be broken quite quickly.

This is just to show the concept, if it does well I will turn this into an actual parkour map.


1. Infiniteparkour