SufiCraft Shader v0.3.6 (Bug Fixes)

This shader just a simple shader but it will make your minecraft better. There are some future in this shader to make it beautiful. You can use this shader to your world to make it better. 

This is the screenshot and the future of this shader. If you have some idea or there is a bug in the shader please comment on my youtube channel or comment on this mcpedl.



















Newlands Addon

Newlands Addon is an addon in WIP (Work in progress)

You need blocks for tech themed bases?Or perhaps medium and end game items?Well this is a good addon for you!

Summary of additions:

  • 3 blocks
  • 3 items
  • Next update:  4/06/2020

Crafting for the blocks:

Hazard Block –


4 Obsidian

Lab Block – 


9 Quartz Block

Light Emitter – 


8 Quartz Block

1 Glowstone

The crafts for the items:

Xzhorium Carrot –

8 Xzhorium Fragment

1 Carrot

Hazard Hammer – 

2 Sticks

3 Hazard Blocks

Umbrella –

2 Sticks

3 Phantom Membrane

New Biome:

Simple Redstone House

Almost everything in this house is automatic. Escalators, sensor lights, sensor doors and more. Even if you travel a lot, it is possible to find some easter entertainment, Mystery fun and more. Welcome to the world, good games.

SimplePVP (1v1 Battles)

Wanna 1v1 your friend or your relative in minecraft? Without any interruptions, only two of you fighting to show who’s the best. Simple PVP is a pvp map which requires 2 players (Max). First to 10 kills wins. This map is programmed to play with only 2 players. You cannot start a match if you are alone.


In the lobby, there is player counter which displays amount of players. It updates automatically and periodically. If right amount of players was detected, It shows that you can now play a match


In the arena, there is a kill counter to keep track of kills and when a player achieved 10 kills, pvp will be off and the game will anounce the winner.

This is my first submission and my first map ever created so I expect many bugs and issues. Please make sure to comment it so I can fix it and improve in making maps.

Also, checkout my youtube channel.

I upload Initial D and JJBA content, if you’re interested, make sure to check it out and subscribe to support me 😀

Element Climb (Minigame)

A custom command block minigame that takes advantage of the Education Edition element blocks!

In Element Climb, players dig upwards to avoid rising lava. Lower-numbered elements disappear over time, too, so climb quickly!

(No knowledge of chemistry required for play)

FNAF 1 and 2 Texture Pack

This is my first texture pack, this is for people who want to make there own maps of five nights at Freddy’s. If you would like to see more, feel free to comment and request some other FNAF ideas.

This texture pack has only a few textures to it, if you would like it to have more comment and tell me what to add


Добро пожаловать в Gamecraft здесь с весельем и четырьмя играми, которые будут доступны, но скоро будут еще игры, не забывайте читать правила, а также эту карту создали HALTINGRABBIT58 и SCARYSLOTH58153, liquidicbear0101 и INJOY

Это хаб на самом деле

Это зал TNT с одной игрой, доступной сейчас!

Это SNOWBALL HALL для снега только для 1 игры доступно SPLEEF

Это FALLINGANVILS HALL, на самом деле есть одна игра

Это НАШ МАГАЗИН В ГЛАВНОМ ХАБЕ, вы можете получать алмазы, когда играете, и выигрывать этот бриллиант, не забывайте о причине

когда у вас есть бриллианты, отправьте их и поменяйте их на наличные, чтобы другие вещи из магазина

Это магазин рангов, вы можете получить из этого магазина много рангов, но знаете, есть один доступный VIP-рейтинг

Sweets Addon (1.14+)

This addon is made under 24 hours as a challenge.

Are you bored with Minecraft foods? 

And there is not much sweets in Minecraft?

If so, this addon will add 10 brand new sweets to the game!

Enable Experimental Gameplay 

There are donut, muffin, gummy, Stick ice cream, ice cream, chocolate bar, lolipop, candy, brownie and candy cane!

And if you eat too much sweets you will get dizzy.

Crafting recipe:



Ice cream:

Stick Ice Cream:


Candy Cane:



Chocolate bar:



Welcome to DeathRun. In this map, there’re between 1 and 4 survivors and 1 death man (the map must plays between 2 and 5 persons). In this map, the survivors have to survive and don’t get trolled (avoid traps) and the Death Man have to active the traps for kill the survivors and win. The death man has a button for win (Push only if all survivors are dead – don’t make traps, pls). The survivors have a button on the final of your path. That buttons makes the winner team is the survivors. The survivors died can go into a spectate menu for spectate the death man and the survivors. You can play again, the process is between 30-45 seconds. Enjoy it!

Bagify – Texture Pack

Introducing Bags for Powders. Its a bit weird carrying dust around so you know… you should try out this pack. ALL dusts and powders have been transferred into bags! Sugar is now A “Bag ofSugar” and Bone meal is “Fertilizer” and so on.

Hey everyone!

Its Spark


Get in the bag!

Have a look below

There are 3 variants available

• Vanilla style bags

• Vanilla bags v2

• Derpy edition 

1. Vanilla bags

are styled with the original dust icons on the front. Nice and simple 

2. Vanilla bags V2

V2 have  a more elegant cleaner design, my personal favorite.

3. Derp Edition

These bags have little faces along quirky names just for fun. Once you see it you can’t unsee it 

The 3 versions