MultiplayerTanks Addon

ID: 20209

This add-on implements two new army tanks to Minecraft which are meant to use for multiplayer gameplay. You can sit down on a tank and drive around, but also shoot rockets at your fellow Minecraft players or hostile mobs you come across in your game. This is really a must download for anyone who want to take PvP to the next level with some real fire power.

Creator: MyoHtetTwitter AccountWebsite

How does it work?

There are two different tanks and each of them can be used in a similar way. Once seated on any of the tanks you’ll be able to control it by moving around normally and by jumping.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the tank and press Ride or Drive
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the tank to ride it

This add-on is perfect for multiplayer as it adds tanks in two complete different colors. It also replaces two items in-game with explosives which you can throw at your enemy, preferably when seated on a tank as it’s meant to simulate the rocket launcher on the tank.

Each tank work a little bit different from the other.

  • BlueTank
    • Advantage: Faster driving
    • Disadvantage: Weaker rocket launcher
  • RedTank
    • Advantage: More powerful rocket launcher
    • Disadvantage: Slower driving

General Tank Features

  • RedTank
    • Replaces Stray
    • Health: 100 full hearts
    • Can jump
    • Fire resistance
    • Heavy tank, slow driving but powerful cannon.
    • RedShells (replaces Ender Pearl) are items which RedTank riders can shoot.
  • BlueTank
    • Replaces Wither Skeleton
    • Health: 100 hearts
    • Can jump
    • Fire resistance
    • BlueTank is a lighter tank, faster driving.
    • BlueShell (replaces Snowballs) are items which BlueTank riders can shoot.

BM Tank Аддон v2

ID: 20200

Hello, It’s been so long since the last time I uploaded an addon on MCPEDL. Now, I have made an addon and decided to post it. Lemme introduce you guys The BM Tank Addon!


Version: 2

This addon adds two tanks, BM Tank and Enemy Tank, You can play with your friends or if you are alone, you can still fight with enemy tanks, enemy tanks are controlled by artificial intelligence. Pillagers are spawned along with the enemy tank and it will be riding the tank. This addon features a realistic functioning turret. The tanks comes with custom animations: the wheels, the turret and the gun. Both tanks have a health of 100 hearts. Tanks shoot explosive snowballs. Two tanks are physically pretty similar, the only difference is the color of sight, and it can easily be seen since it glows.

BM Tank:

Enemy Tank:

Thanos Boss Add-on

ID: 20193

Thanos Boss is an Add-on from the Avengers Movies which adds a Giant and  very strong mod called Thanos and plus he’s a Boss mob.

Thanos will kill any mob that comes near him with one single hit since he has a lot of health and strength.                                                                             

 SPEED: he’s speed is 3 times faster than a normal mob’s speed.                                                                   Thanos Will attack every mob near by and kill it with one single hit, so be careful in survival!                                              HEALTH: he’s health is 999999, which means it’s harder to kill than the Ender dragon.                                                                                                                              No mob can kill him or Escape him!                                                                                                                The best way to defeat him in survival is by using enchanted swords. Check out  the showcase on my YouTube channel  for this Add-on.

Avengers: Infinity War Special (Burn It) [Minigame]

ID: 20188

In honor of the release of Avengers: Infinity War, I (Tpops2017) have built this map. The map serves three purposes; first, it is a burn it map and every Avengers statue is hollow and your objective is to survive for as long as possible as lava comes down on the players inside. The map also has several Easter eggs from all of the MCU movies as well as some other handful bits and pieces of information in regards to the movies.


  • Play in survival
  • Suggested to be played in multiplayer or at least 2 players
  • Last to die wins
  • No cheating
  • Check out EVERYTHING, the map is huge and it took me a while to build so, I have hidden easter eggs for the MCU EVERYWHERE
  • Enjoy! Have Fun!

Note from the creator: 

Ten years ago, marvel began its cinematic universe with the first Iron man movie. Since then, there has been 18 movies all leading up to this: Avengers: Infinity War. 

Avengers: Infinity War will see the Avengers assemble once more to battle their most formidable threat yet, the mad titan Thanos.

Avengers Infinity War Addon

ID: 20183

This addon is based off the Avenger Infinity War movie. The main idea of the add-on is to add most things from the movie into your Minecraft world, including the six Infinity Stones. The Infinity Stones have no function, but the Infinity Gaunlet definitely has as sit can save you from death. There is also a Thanos Boss, who has 1000 health and can teleport using the Space Stone. So suit up and save the world!


Armor / Items

  • Iron Man Armor (replaces Iron Armor)
  • Iron Spider Armor (replaces Gold Armor)
  • Black Panther Armor (replaces Chain Armor)
  • Captain America Armor (replaces Diamond Armor)
  • Infinity Stones (replace Dyes)
  • Infinity Gauntlet (replaces Totem of Undying) – Gives you special powers (Speed, Jump Boost, Strength, Regeneration, Resistance, Fire Resistance, Night Vision, Haste)
  • Iron Man Blaster (replaces Bow)
  • Captain America’s Shield (replaces Iron Sword)
  • Black Widow’s Weapon (replaces Diamond Sword)


  • Vision, Bucky (The Winter Soldier)
  • Drax, Star Lord, and Gamora (replace Villagers)
  • Thor and Doctor Strange (replace Vindicator and Evoker)
  • Hulkbuster (replaces Skeleton)
  • Thanos (replaces Husk)
  • Infinity Proxima Midnight (replaces Drowned)
  • Corvus Glaive (replaces Zombie Pigman)
  • Ebony Maw (replaces Zombie)

Infinity Gauntlet gives special powers (Speed, Jump Boost, Strength, Regeneration, Resistance, Fire Resistance, Night Vision, Haste):

FoxCo Tower (Avengers Tower)

ID: 20178

Thanos has gotten all of the Infinity Stones and has snapped his fingers. Now you can suit up with the help of the other Avengers to stop him! Use Captain America’s Shield, or even the Infinity Gauntlet itself to become more powerful.

Each Infinity Stone gives you different powers or abilities. You can only have the strength to use them, however, when holding the Infinity Gauntlet.


Each hero will help you to fight Thanos , Including the alive , and the dusted .


Quantum Realm ( Replacing the Nether) , You should use the Quantum Suit to be protected there.

Soul World (Replacing the End)

New Avengers Facility

ID: 20171

The New Avengers Facility was the primary base of operations used by the Avengers after the defeat of Ultron and the establishment of the team’s new roster.  

After the Avengers Civil War, Tony Stark continued to use the facility as his primary place of residence, and after selling Avengers Tower, moved all the equipment into the facility as well. It would later be annihilated before its ruins would be the stage for one last battle against the genocidal tyrant, Thanos for the fate of the universe itself.

Our map aims to recreate this compound in great detail with easter eggs dotted throughout. Download to explore where Iron Man, Thor, Ant Man, etc. once walked. 

*this beta is our first preview release. No interiors have been added and there are still structures waiting to be built. The compound is by no means finished. Expect updates summer 2020. 

Zone A (Building A)

This is the central building  in the Avengers Compound and houses the press office, gyms, living quarters for the Avengers, and much more. 

Zone B (Building B)

This is the first building converted when Tony Stark repurposed an old Stark Industries warehouse. It is the largest space in the Avengers Compound and will continue to grow. It houses R&D facilities, quinjet hangers, armour storage, archives, offices, gyms, stores, and much more.

Warehouse 1

This is the first of a slew of warehouses to be built on this compound and are used to securely store Avengers related material. 

HR Office

Every group the size of the Avengers needs Human Resources. This sleek modern shard of glass is designed to fit the needs. Main press rooms are in Zone A/B. 

Avengers Tower [MAP]

ID: 20166

This is our version of Avengers Tower from the MCU! The tower is a skyscraper in New York City built by Tony Stark. It was originally known as Stark Tower, but after the battle of New York it was turned into the Avengers Tower – the base of the Avengers. Yet it didn’t stay the headquarters for the Avengers for long – after the battle with Ultron Tony Stark started to build the new Avengers Facility with Stark Industries taking over the use of the tower again. Following the Avengers Civil War Tony Stark sold the tower to an unknown buyer… perhaps Oscorp industries…?

This map is perfect for role playing with your friends. However, if you want to build your own interior – go ahead! There are many pictures online which show the interior of the tower. It was completely different (super modern) when compared to the tower’s previous style while it was known as Stark Tower. 

Please Note: this map is unfinished and has been released to the public in beta before the interior was built because of Covid-19. If you have any suggestions, please comment below or message us on Twitter. 


Lobby, helipad, skylobby, and so much more. This tower in the MCU has many features which you can use to role-play in style. 

Avengers Endgame Add-on (1.16+)

ID: 20161

Become your Favorite Superhero that you know and love today in minecraft. It’s so good you won’t see this anywhere else. You can become 5 SUPERHEROS, Ironman (Mark82) Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black widow. 

Here Is the Crafting recipes for all of them weapons. 

Sneak to get A resistance, And sprint to take of the shield.

Right click to activate and put on your left hand/Hold on phone.

Effects are jump boost and strength. Sneak to deactivate Black widows staff.

Effects Strength and resistance, Sneak to deactivate Storm Breaker.

After equipping the Arc Reactor Sprint to activate the suit.

Next you have a option to suit down or Helmet off.

Last you can become Hulk. But for him you need to type in a tag.

Your Name, that is my name of course.

Baby Ender Dragons Addon

ID: 20156

This add-on implements a new dragon to the Overworld. An Ender Dragon would be way too overkill, but the baby of an Ender Dragon is certainly more fair. The spawn rate is quite low as it will only spawn in caves, but other than that their spawn pattern is quite hard to predict which makes it a fun and dangerous challenge.

How does it work?

Baby Ender Dragons replace Bats and as a result that means you can find them spawning mostly in caves. There are two different versions of the same dragon. The Stage 1 version is neutral toward players and the Stage 2 version is hostile and has more health than the first one.

  • Stage 1
    • Health: 100
    • Neutral to players
    • Shoots Dragon Fireballs
    • Smaller than Stage 2 Baby Dragon
    • Drops 2-4 Ender Pearls and 0-2 Diamonds
  • Stage 2
    • Health: 120
    • Hostile to players, Villagers and Endermites
    • Shoots Dragon Fireballs
    • Bigger than Stage 1 Baby Dragon
    • Drops 2-4 Ender Pearls and 0-2 Diamonds

The main attack of the dragon is to shoot Ender Fireballs. If you’re hit by one you will immediately lose some health, and if one hits the ground then it will linger for some seconds and cause damage to all mobs within a close proximity.

Stage 2 dragons are hostile towards players, Villagers and Endermites.