Ben 10 Irate | Ben 10 Addon

ID: 26950

This Ben 10 addon features 5 powerful heroes for your Minecraft adventures, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft as Ben’s aliens. With this addon, you can harness their unique abilities and engage in exciting PvP battles with your friends. Notably, all five aliens have undergone significant improvements.

In this update, I’ve completely revamped all the character models, resulting in a noticeable enhancement from the previous version. Moreover, this new version runs much more smoothly, making your gameplay experience even better.






Ben 10 Omniverse ADDON

ID: 26940

Discover the potency of the Omnitrix within the Minecraft universe through the Ben 10 Omniverse Addon! This remarkable addition seamlessly integrates the renowned Omnitrix from the Ben 10 series into your Minecraft adventure, enabling you to assume the forms of your beloved extraterrestrial beings and wield their distinctive powers.

Addon Features:

Omnitrix Integration:

 Create the Omnitrix gadget within the game and gain access to its extensive capabilities. The Omnitrix serves as the gateway to your transformation adventure, enabling you to effortlessly switch between different alien forms.


  • Enable these features to work or else the addon won’t work


How to Equip Omnitrix

  • The omnitrix can be equipped from the creative menu of the  game

How to transform into Aliens

1.Equipe the omnitrix

2.Right click on mouse or use item to scroll to your desired Ben 10 Alien

3.Sneak to transform itto the Alien

ID: 26817

Уменьшил размер чата и изменил его размер в соответствии с версией java.

Сделал чат полностью прозрачным.

Убрал цифры с табло.

Сделал табло полностью прозрачным.

Скорректированы и улучшены отступы и положение текста на табло, а также добавлена тень текста.

Удален темный фон с экрана чата и добавлена тень текста.

Скорректирован размер титров и субтитров, чтобы они занимали меньше места на экране.

Удалил фильтр ненормативной лексики из стольких элементов, сколько смог.

Сделал панель управления и сердечки полностью непрозрачными, чтобы соответствовать java edition.

Сделал координаты прозрачными.

Теперь вы можете печатать, нанося урон!

Восстановлена старая панель действий.



Вот чат, прежде чем:








Coordinates HUD MCBE

ID: 26812

Coordinates, direction, and time are displayed at the top of the hotbar in this pack. This pack draws inspiration from the coordinate HUD found in vanilla tweaks but is still a work in progress (currently not usable while flying or riding).

Additional Information:

To activate the ENTITY COUNTER, make sure to enable the experimental molang feature.

Please use the provided MCPE DL link and avoid linking directly to support the creator.

Main Update:

Client Menu

Note: The client menu automatically adjusts to the available content

Utility HUD

ID: 26805

When observing fellow players, your view is mostly limited to their skin and name tag. This resource pack seeks to enhance the information available about both yourself and others, even when they are at a distance. It offers features like an armor heads-up display (HUD), a speed counter, offhand item slots, a health indicator, a bow charge indicator, a chunk border display, an item eating progress display, and hitboxes. Furthermore, there are 13 different configuration options for you to select from.

The Utility HUD package includes 13 subpacks to provide maximum customization. To switch between these subpacks, navigate to the global resources section, click on the gear icon located in the bottom right corner of the pack, and adjust the slider to your preferences. If you are playing on version 1.16.40 or older, you must opt for a subpack that does not enable chunk borders.

The velocity display is positioned at the top right corner of the screen. As the name implies, it tracks your current speed and considers vertical velocity as well. For instance, if you are falling, it will show the rate at which you descend in blocks per second.

While consuming a food item, the HUD displays the percentage of progress you’ve made in the eating process. Please note that this feature may not function on The Hive server due to differences in how their server sends data to clients compared to other servers.

Any equipped armor is visible both in your HUD and above the player’s head. Additionally, enchanted armor sets are distinguishable.

HUD+ [ MCPE ] [ 1.20+ ]

ID: 26799


Are you tired of the standard HUD interface and looking for a fresh and innovative HUD design to enhance your user experience? If so, you’re in for a treat with this pack!


F1&F8 Button:

F1 : Hide Gui.

F8 : Hide Paperdoll.

Hotbar Selector:

Change selected Hotbar slot into right or left direction.

Java Offhand Slot:

Only visible while using Shield/Totem/map In Offhand

Vanilla Dark UI

ID: 26794

Vanilla Dark UI is a texture designed to transform the entire game’s user interface into a dark mode, nearly black in appearance. This texture is primarily created for individuals with visual impairments, as it significantly darkens the UI, making it easier on the eyes. Additionally, it caters to those who have a preference for a black-themed interface. Vanilla Dark UI introduces a custom dark user interface that is applied to all in-game windows, resulting in a consistent dark UI experience throughout the game.

Dark UI:


ID: 26788

Are you frustrated with distracting chat backgrounds and excessively large titles obstructing your screen? Introducing ProHUD, a user interface package designed to address this problem seamlessly. In this package, we have strategically relocated certain HUD elements to ensure they no longer obstruct your view.

Lifeboat – Battle Royale


Compact chat

CubeCraft – Lobby

We’ve reduced the dimensions of the chatbox, displaying fewer messages simultaneously, and eliminated the chat background and coordinates. You no longer have to be concerned about someone spamming your chat and monopolizing a quarter of your screen.

Improved bottom HUD elements

Client 32

ID: 26782

Fed up with sluggish or poorly designed clients for MCPE? Allow us to introduce you to CLIENT 32! This MCPE client stands out as one of the finest options available. It’s meticulously crafted for PvP games like duels, skywars, bedwars, the bridge, and more, all while aiming to minimize lag on lower-end devices. Creating this pack was a laborious process, so if you find it enjoyable, please take a moment to leave a comment on the post and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. You can do so by following the link below or simply searching for “Ulysse 32” on YouTube!

Notable Features:

  1. An exquisite shader
  2. Streamlined textures
  3. Enhanced crosshair
  4. Crystal-clear and seamlessly animated water
  5. A uniform hotbar
  6. Improved wool texture
  7. Enhanced, straightforward PvP swords
  8. Realistic animations for green plants

Transparent UI and GUI 

Minecraft Story Mode UI

ID: 26774

This set of user interface resources change the look of your Minecraft interface so that it looks like the original Mojang game with narrative elements and a clickable interface – Minecraft: Story Mode! Most people, including us, consider it the best for three platforms: consoles, touchscreens and PCs.

This resource set includes both subsets for the first and second seasons. The second season is selected by default.

(Includes sound and music)


Main menu:

Season one:

Season two:

Worlds menu:

Season one:

Season two: