“Ultimate Sword Addon” for Minecraft PE – a powerful weapon

ID: 17858

The first step in creating your powerful weapon is the assembly of one of its three parts: the blade, the handle and the transverse protection.
Let’s start with the blade


For the blade you will need seven blocks of diamond and two obsidian

Kraft Blade

Transverse protection

The next protection requires three obsidians and one diamond block.

Kraft lateral protection


Requires two end stars and five obsidians

Craft Stick

“Ultimate Sword”

Now you can assemble the sword itself

Craft “Ultimate Sword”

Ultimate Sword deals 30 damage, which is enough for a single kill of an unarmed player, creeper or most other ordinary monsters.

Along with a huge amount of damage, you will also receive speed, resistance, jump acceleration and a slow fall.

Звучит очень имбово, но в конце концов, меч требует 2 звезды энда, 10 обсидианов и 72 алмаза. 

And you can download the addon on our website by the button below 🙂

“Ore Addon” for Minecraft PE – new ores, weapons and everything else

ID: 17854

You are tired of seeing the same thing during mining, always see the same minerals, then this addon is for you!

This addon adds 7 new minerals, 7 new swords and 7 new blocks, which will serve you as a good decoration.









As you can see in the image, each mineral adds its own sword and block, which means that we have 7 new blocks for decoration.


Swords have different damage and durability:

Characteristics of swords

Amethyst Sword: 7 Damage 700 Strength

Sapphire Sword: 8 Damage 872 Strength

Topaz Sword: 8 Damage 1225 Strength

Silver Sword: 6 Damage 825 Strength

Onyx Sword: 12 Damage 2548 Strength

Uranium Sword: 9 Damage 1253 Strength

Ruby sword: 7 damage 745 durability

Craft swords

It is completely the same as always

Amethyst sword

Sapphire sword

Topaz sword

Silver sword

Onyx sword

Uranium sword

Ruby sword


Blocks in this addon are used only for decoration, and crafting is the same as crafting diamond and gold blocks


For example – craft sapphire block

And you can download this addon from us, by the button below 🙂

“SpaghettiJet’s World War II Addon” for Minecraft PE – make a real war!

ID: 17850

Have you ever wanted an addon for World War II? Well, now it’s here.



Fully automatic rifle with 20 round magazine

.30 Cal Machine Gun

This is a portable Browning machine gun.
He can quickly burn his 100-cartridge round of ammo

Double-barreled shotgun

Can be reloaded with shotgun cartridges


German assault rifle. It can be very good if used correctly.


This is a small hand-held explosive device that can be used in trenches, or if you want to blow up a German car


This small German 9mm pistol was used by officers or pilots.

Снайперский Kar98k

Normal kar98k, only with a telescopic sight


This is a trench shotgun that has about 7 rounds in the magazine


Anti-tank missile effective against tanks and soldiers


Just a gun

M1 carbine

This is a paratrooper rifle equipped with a 15-seater box magazine and semi-automatic fire


Experimental weapon used by both sides of the war


Assault rifle developed by German inventors in 1940

And a bunch of all kinds of weapons …

The rest – see the add-on itself, which can be downloaded using the button below 🙂

Mechanical Blades Addon for Minecraft PE – futuristic weapons

ID: 17825

This addon adds 5 futuristic swords to your world. Each sword has its own advantage.

The red sword Mk1 will give you strength.

The blue sword Mk2 will add you resistance.

Purple Mk3 will give you speed

Blue Mk4 will give you regeneration and a surge of health.

And the light green Mk5 will give you strength, resistance and slowness.

The Battle Pack block will drop random swords or armor when it is destroyed, which makes this addon suitable for PvP worlds.

Getting this weapon

To add these items to your inventory, you can use these commands:

We think this addon will brighten up your game 🙂

Healer Turret Addon – a weapon that heals

ID: 17820

How it works

This healing tower can give you a regenerative effect by shooting at you with a healing ball (snowflake).
This tower can heal you if you are 6 blocks from it. She treats villagers in the same way.

This addon replaces creepers with such healing towers. As for me – this is much better 🙂

You can call such a turret through the “Spawn Healer Turret” (replaces the creeper’s call egg)

And you can download this addon on our website by clicking the button below 🙂

Ninja Weapons Addon for Minecraft PE – the ninja weapon is now in your pocket!

ID: 17816

Have you ever thought about what will happen if you add a ninja to Minecraft? No? Well then, you’ll find out now 🙂


Bad ninja

He is your opponent, from whom you must defend and fight. He attacks Residents, Player and Good Ninjas. They use shurikens and drop Coins.

Health: 20

Damage: 3

Good ninja

He is your ally, he attacks the “Bad Ninjas” and protects you from monsters. You can hire them using Coins.

Health: 20

Damage: 3

Ninja Resident

He is your ally. He attacks the Bad Ninjas, but cannot be hired. You can trade with it by exchanging coins for various weapons.

Health: 30

Damage: 3




Damage – 16

Golden Katana

Damage – 18 + 2x Attack Speed

Diamond katana

Damage – 22 + 2x Attack Speed


Damage – 3


Damage – 18 + 2x Attack Speed


Used for trading

Addon Presentation

And you can download the addon from the button below 🙂

Smart turret Addon – New powerful weapon

ID: 17797

A smart turret is a heavy tower that will guard the territory from any monsters. He has 100 health.
Fire resistance, resistance to recoil, work under water – all this can do this turret.

The turret fires shells that cling to everything in its path – be careful 🙂

You can call this tower using the “smart tower”, which you can find in the inventory in the “creative” mode, or using the command / summon xn: smart_turret.

Just put the tower down and watch how it protects you and your base 🙂

Meat Weapons Addon – Can You Eat Your Sword?

ID: 17810

This addon was created with the aim of adding another feature to the game’s meat, so weapons and ingots were created as a more interesting solution to this issue.

Meat ingots

Pig Ingot Craft

Kraft Chicken Ingot

Beef Craft

Craft Disposable Meat Swords

Pig Sword – 6.5 damage

Chicken Sword – 8.0 damage

Beef Sword – 7.5 damage

And you can download the current version of the addon from us below 🙂

Combat Gears Addon – Futuristic weapons and armor

ID: 17803

Two powerful weapons, ordinary armor, power armor and a new sword.


There are 2 types of armor in this addon. Normal armor (chain mail, iron and gold) and Power armor (diamond).
Power armor will give you extra health and damage from attacks.

Bow and crossbow turn into powerful guns. This is ideal for dealing with particularly strong mobs 🙂

The current version of the addon can be downloaded from our website below:)

More Stuff Addon for Minecraft PE – New weapons, chests and food

ID: 17751

This add-on, oddly enough, adds more things!
Chests, food, swords – all this and even more in the addon
“More stuff”!


Precious chest

A chest that is associated with a user, i.e. only 1 registered user can open it.
But be careful, another player having a crowbar can break it 🙂

To register it: Hold the key in your hand, then press and hold the right mouse button on the chest.
To unlock or lock a precious chest: Sit down, then press and hold the right mouse button.
 To “break” it: hold a crowbar in your hand, then press and hold the right mouse button on the chest. (You can break it only if it is locked)

Craft Precious Chest


It has the same functions as the precious one, only in contrast to the previous one – the other player cannot break it
To register it: Hold the key in your hand, then press and hold the right mouse button on the chest.
To unlock / lock it: sit down, then long press or right-click on the chest.

Kraft safe

Lock chest

It has the same functions as all chests, only this one can be opened and closed only with a key

To open / close the chest: Crouching hold the key in your hand, then press and hold the right mouse button on the chest.

Craft Lock Chest

Enhanced Composting

Does everything the same as the standard one, only in a format more favorable for the player – 1 plant / seed / crop = 1-3 bone meal

To get bone meal: Hold the plant / seeds / crop, then press and hold the right mouse button on the chest.
P.S. The chest also has 2 seconds cooldown

Craft composters

Litter box

This chest acts as a bin, destroying all the blocks inside
To open / close it: sit down, then long press or right-click on the chest.
In the open state, you can immediately throw objects at it.
To clean the items inside: sit down, then hit the chest. (Only works when open)

Craft “trash”

Self-propelled chest

A chest that constantly chases the user wherever he goes
To register it: take the red stone dust and sit down, then press and hold the right mouse button on the chest.
To open / close the chest: Hold the key and sit down, then press and hold the right mouse button.
To tie / untie it: hold the leash, then press and hold the right mouse button on the chest.

Craft of a self-propelled chest


Size changer, wrench, wrench, crowbar

Craft key

Wrench craft

Craft scrap

Kraft Sizer


Emerald Sword = 2300 Strength + 9 Damage

Phantom Membrane Sword = 2100 Strength + 13 Damage

Quartz Sword = 372 Strength + 10 Damage

Slime Sword = 19 Strength + 3 Damage

Obsidian Sword = 4561 Strength + 10 Damage

Lazurite Sword = 56 Strength + 6 Damage

Red Stone Sword = 512 Strength + 7 Damage

Netherith Sword = 63 Durability + 10 Damage

End Stone Sword = 412 Strength + 11 Damage

Coal Sword = 151 Durability + 4 Damage


Coffee beans



A slice of bread = 0.5 units of hunger

Hamburger = 7 units of hunger

Hot Dog = 6 units of hunger

Slice of pizza = 6 units of hunger

Chicken Soup = 7 Hunger + Instant Recovery II

Coca-Cola = 5 units of hunger + Regeneration III (5 minutes)

Coffee = 4 units of hunger + Speed II (10 minutes)

Juice = 5 units of hunger + Jumpability II (5 minutes)

And you can download the current version of this addon on our website 🙂